Life Insurance – Traverse City, MI and Beyond

Life Insurance can be a scary topic to address. However, every family needs life insurance on a person that is providing income to the family or fulfilling family needs like cooking, cleaning, or watching the children during the day. It is stated the average family needs approximately $500,000 in life insurance. Unfortunately, most are under-insured.

Some items to consider in the loss of a spouse are:

  • How will loss of income be generated?
  • Are there children who will need educational expenses paid for?
  • Will a nanny need to be hired to watch over the children?

These are just a few of the basic questions to ask when reviewing life insurance.  Call us today to discuss what could be the most important insurance policy to protect you and your family!

Disability insurance

What would occur if you became disabled and stopped earning income? Would you be able to still provide the same income as before? If not, a disability insurance policy may be appropriate for you. Disability insurance provides income for you during the time you are not working due to a disability (long or short term). Call us today to start providing yourself with the adequate protection needed to replace your income in the case of a disability.

Some questions to consider :

  • If I became disabled would I still be able to make the same income?
  • How long could I go without making an income and still pay my bills?
  • If I became disabled, would my long term savings be depleted due to the disability?

Long-Term care

The average cost of a nursing home in the state of Michigan is $99,280 per year and rising. If you or your spouse were to have to enter a nursing facility, would you be able to afford it? 50% of people will have to utilize assisted living for at least two years. A Long Term Care policy is an integral part of your planning to protect the assets you have accumulated over time from being depleted.

Some questions to consider :

  • Have past family members been forced to use assisted living facilities in the past?
  • Would you feel comfortable spending all of your savings on assisted living if a policy was not in place?
  • Do you want to have the ability to choose in-home care versus an assisted living center?

Call us today and we can address these important topics. Together we can formulate a plan that addresses your needs.


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