Risk Management and Insurance Solutions

With a focus on preserving self-governance and tribal sovereignty, we use our best-in-class expertise to build a risk management program designed to your tribe’s specific needs.

So you can get back to Business.

The insurance and risk management needs of Indian Country require a customized, yet simply executed approach to address the unique economic, governmental, gaming, and human resources needs of each tribe. We provide a full suite of insurance, risk management, and benefits solutions to ensure the tribe is healthy, protected, and thriving.

Our risk management solutions cover traditional administrative functions and extend to operations and holdings outside of the reservation. We also take a close look at the growing concerns of cyber protection, active shooter preparedness, as well as coverage for cannabis.

How the process works:

Understanding your structure

We pride ourselves on understanding the current organization of each tribe’s unique structure.  We challenge ourselves and all those that are actively engaged in the insurance design decisions to evaluate their risk tolerances and consider additional opportunities of combining risk, the advantages of high retentions, self-insurance, and captive arrangements.

Risk Tolerances

Our expectation with all clients is to be at a high level of engagement that is mutually established and outlined at the onset of our partnership. We develop an annual commitment timeline based on reviewing data and strategic interviews of key leaders to understand risk tolerances, risk appetite, and sovereign immunity risk management expectations.

An Extension of your Risk Management Team

It is our Indian Country experience, value-added resources, and level of engagement in the areas of risk management design, safety initiatives, compliance review, claims mitigation, and identification of emerging risks that sets us apart.  We take a very aggressive “boots on the ground” approach with our clients knowing that responsiveness is critical.

Making you a Best-in-Class Risk

As your Broker, it is our job to assist our clients in becoming a best-in-class risk and portraying that to the underwriters that ultimately establish your rates. We offer internal resources and experts in the areas of cyber analysis, property valuation, business continuity planning, and safety/loss control all with familiarization of the exposures facing Indian Country.

to protect your tribe

Our risk management solutions cover traditional administrative functions and gaming, extended to operations and holdings outside of the reservation. Acrisure’s programs are carefully designed to protect both the legal sovereignty of Native American tribes and their physical and financial assets.

These key programs include: 

Claim Advocacy

Our claims advocate works directly with the insurance carrier adjuster to pro-actively manage claims to resolution while keeping your interests front of mind. We assess claims for reserve accuracy and payment, analyze the strategy being utilized by the adjuster, and provide guidance every step of the way.

Cyber Services

Well beyond the placement of insurance, we work with your team to make sure there is a refined Cyber Incident Response Plan that it is place and has been tested. We have our own Acrisure Cyber Services Center for Excellence that assists our clients with the following:


Our Cannabis experts specialize in the best ways to protect the exposures in the ever-changing world of cannabis. We have best-in-class carrier partnerships and are extremely well-versed in the different states’ rules, regulations, compacts, and attestation requirements.

Testimonials of those who have benefited from our services and/or to validate what we bring to our partnerships:

“When looking for an insurance broker for an organization like ours, it was important to establish and maintain a good relationship from day one built upon communication and trust. The team at Larkin Group established that relationship and consistently ensure we feel like a priority. Requests for guidance and questions are answered or at a minimum acknowledged in a timely manner with straight forward and pertinent information, meeting or exceeding any previously accepted expectations of a broker.”

– James Henderson
Little River Casino Resort
Risk Manager

“There are many things I could say, and examples I could give. In short, this is what I value most of all about our relationship with The Larkin Group. I think it says it all.

If you want to be “Heard” – Choose the right Broker!
The Larkin Group – where your voice matters.”

– Lori Savaso
Grand Traverse and of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians
Director of Risk Management

“After a very detailed broker selection process, we selected the Acrisure/ Larkin Group because of their level of expertise, responsiveness and attention to detail. They continue to share innovative cost reduction ideas as well as loss prevention and mitigation resources. They have a firm pulse on the insurance marketplace and the carrier relationships to bring us the best in coverage. Larkin/ Acrisure has become an extension of our risk management team and we couldn’t be happier.

– Thomas Comer
Gun Lake Tribe
Chief Financial Officer

Having a plan to control your risks helps you preserve your self-governance and tribal sovereignty.

– We can help.