Self Insured Workers’ Comp Programs

Self-Insured Workers’ Compensation Funds
for Your Industry


We are proud to partner with RPS Regency and their workers’ compensation programs. Below is some information regarding these special programs and businesses that can participate:

Self-insured funds were established for the benefit of employers in Michigan, allowing them to form unique, industry-specific programs to control long term workers’ compensation costs. Owned and operated by actual members, self-insured funds offer the same protection as an insurance company but more efficiently. With lower overhead expenses and better loss performance than insurance companies, self-insured funds pass the savings back to members by returning unused premium and investment income.

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Funds that we represent:

Michigan Cleaning Fund

The Michigan Cleaning Fund was established in 1981 and has an excellent track record of premium returns to its members including dry cleaning, industrial laundries, carpet cleaners, car washes, and commercial janitorial operations.

Michigan Food Processor & Distribution Fund

The MFPD Fund was established in 2007. This program has a wide range of eligible classifications including food processing, food wholesale, food distribution -including pet food.

Michigan Grocers Fund

The Michigan Grocers Fund was established in January 2014 and is endorsed by the Michigan Grocers Association. Eligible businesses are generally known as a supermarket and/or grocery store whose volume of sales is primarily engaged in selling a general line of food and beverages.

Michigan Restaurant & Lodging Fund

Serving the hospitality industry since 1992, the MRL Fund is endorsed by the Michigan Restaurant Association and the Michigan Lodging & Tourism Association. The MRL Fund has returned an average of 48% of a participant’s premium.

Michigan Clubs Self Insurance Fund

Specializing in country clubs, golf courses (private & public), yacht clubs, and riding clubs since 1983, the Michigan Clubs Self Insurance Fund has returned over 50% of a member’s premium. The Clubs Fund is endorsed by Michigan Golf Course Owners Association.


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